Folks, God has given each of us a calling. With each calling there comes opposition, temptations, and barriers that rise up to prevent us from walking in the path that God has called us to. They will try to push us away from the Lord and His will for us. This may come in the … More Opposition

Hearing From God

One of the most terrifying and exciting experiences there is for me in this walk of life ,is when someone asks me, “How do you hear from God?” I love this question, because it brings back how intimate my conversations with God are. It reminds me of the secret pleasures of hearing His voice and being confident … More Hearing From God


I mentioned in an earlier post that I am the A type personality that thoroughly enjoys having all my ducks in order and likes to find value and worth through my deeds and works. I know that this is theologically unsound because my value and worth should be coming from God; but it was not … More Understanding

Not Embarrassed

I do not know if you have seen this video, but it is way too adorable. I’ll give you a second to watch this little girl and her daddy. ……… Now being a former ultra shy, introverted person who has grown to be much less awkward around people, I still get kind of shy and … More Not Embarrassed


So I started Zumba for the heck of it the other day. I wanted something that would put me out of my comfort zone, be fun, help de-stress me, and be a little bit of a workout. As you can tell from this photo the white half of me prevailed and has left me awkwardly … More Zumba